Added New Photography Workshop date, Mar. 6th 2010


Due to the number of people telling me how frustrated that their photos never come out very good, and many people asking me to teach them photography, I decided to share the knowledge. This workshop will be for Amateur to Intermediate level photographers. ( *Required )

* 35 mm Digital SLR, with lens.

* Memory cards for the camera/ Memory Card Reader

What will be covered:

  1. Composition
  2. Lighting Techniques
  3. Location Scouting
  4. Pre- Production
  5. Post Production
  6. The Business of Photography
  7. End of Class Critique
  8. Evening Wine & Cheese workshop discussion, courtesy of Sapphire

Cost: $ 350.00

Only 16 Students allowed

We will meet up the evening before for a meet and greet, and in case anyone has any questions they want answered the next day in the workshop. The next morning we will meet for breakfast.

***Included is breakfast & lunch (catered by Luxe Catering) on the day of the workshop.


Sapphire, Knoxville, TN

Time: 10:00 AM – 6 PM

Other locations:

Photography Studio in Knoxville, photographing a model.

Thompson Photo, Knoxville, TN

On Location choice between students.

DATE: March 6, 2010 (Saturday)

Reserve your seat today! Limited seating, only 16 students for this workshop.

Email me with the subject line: “Photography Workshop”

Special thanks to:

Luxe Catering:


Thompson Photo:

8 Shooters Studio

OneEighty Magazine:

To view my body of work:

click HERE

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  1. I am totally excited about teaching this!

  2. What a great chance for all those people who have been wanting to learn some technique! Looking forward to being a part of this super cool experience!

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